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For high-end decorative solutions or heavy-duty decorative applications, decorative laminates
are the answer to this sector.

RIMAA is ready to supply different types, such as, standard, post-forming, laboratory-grade, raised flooring grade, flexible HPL, bending compact laminate, flame retardant, digital printing, compact, exterior grade, among others.

HPL Grade

Decorative laminates with standard or post-forming features, with thicknesses from 0.50 mm to 1.20 mm can be produced with plate options in various sizes and on different surfaces. They are manufactured under the temperature of 160˚C and under 100–120 kg/m² pressure for a duration of 60-70 minutes after impregnation processes of papers in different characteristics. Thanks to the non-porous surface due to high pressure and heat, it does not allow bacteria formation. Grades: HGS, VGS, HGP, VGP.

CPL Grade

This product, also known as roll laminate, is produced by pressing the impregnated paper with cylinders and moving it between two steel strips at 170°C under pressure. The non-porous surface does not allow bacteria formation. CPL can be manufactured as plates and rolls with thicknesses from 0.30 mm to 1.00 mm, in post-forming characteristic and in desired length. This allows users to produce in a rapid, continuous manner.

Compact Grade

Compact laminate is manufactured in the same process as HPL. The thickness is determined by increasing the amount of Kraft paper in the core of the sheets. Compact laminates are supplied in sheets or panels and are the most practical materials for special areas, particularly wet and high-wear environments like toilet cubicles, changing rooms, wall covering in schools, sports centers, hospitals, airports and hotels.

It has high resistance to impacts, scratching, fire, water and humidity due to its high density. Furthermore, it does not decompose, is resistant to bacteria and may be cleaned easily.

It presents a great variety of design alternatives thanks to the range of colours available and different surface finish options.

Exterior Grade

High-performance exterior compact laminate panels are produced by the electron bombardment curing (EBC) system. Thanks to the special technology and surface used, it is extra resistant to environmental conditions. Resistant to UV rays, acid rain, wind, chemicals, bending, twisting and scratching. It maintains the first day's appearance thanks to its resistance to UV rays and color stabilization.

The product is used as an exterior coating material in applications in shopping malls, sports halls, stadiums, airports, hospitals, schools, residences, balconies etc. The high-performance exterior decorative panels are manufactured in accordance with CE standards and are user-friendly.  If requested, it is produced in a fire retardant quality in accordance with the B1 class. In case of compliance with application recommendations, it is guaranteed for 10 years. Grades: EDS, EDF

Information about other Laminates grades available under consultation.​

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