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RIMAA Building Solutions delivers invaluable long-term building solutions. We offer a “one stop shop”

for our clients, with a wide range of products, from top quality European based companies

to the value-for-money top quality of Chinese origin.



From high quality customized finish products to commodities, we cover all the needs of the construction and refurbishment sectors.

  The best way to build and maintain your competitiveness during these times of commodity price wars is to use a one-stop shop to meet your needs. We offer a vast array of building materials, tools and hardware

(ex.: shuttering plywood, tools, tiles, etc), from European origins to value-for-money products of Chinese origin.

 We represent true value-added design solutions that excel in the building and refurbishment domains (ex. Doors, Wooden Decks, Marble and Granite, etc). Our suppliers are undisputed leaders in design, quality and uniqueness while maintaining unquestionable competitive capacity.

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